Mission Statement

     Our mission is to represent our clients' sales and marketing needs within the beverage industry. We form a partnership with our clients in their effort to  take their ideas, products and information to distributors to position them in the hands and minds of the consumer.

What We Do:

   As a Beverage Concept Firm, we do all the work for each company from beginning to end. We appoint distributors, set up programs and continually work in the market to ensure representation of brands.

Who We Are:

A Beverage Concept Firm

     Founded in 1995, H. Ruban and Associates, Ltd. is dedicated to the level  of service you expect and the personal attention you deserve.  Rooted in the Chicago area, H. Ruban and Associates has proven to be an asset creating strong product representation in the Windy City. We also cover Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana with as much dedication.


     Hank Ruban, our founder, has over 30+ years in the beverage industry. Quickly rising from Chicago Metro Manager to State Manager to District Manager and then to Regional Manager speaks of his success for the beverage companies he has represented. His unparalleled passion for business and positive outlook results in a comfortable working relationship not only with those he represents but also with the distributors.


      The year  2008 brought a new face to the company. Hank's son-in-law, Shawn Gentile, was brought on board to focus on the Chicago Market.Working in the restaurant industry from bus boy to management gives Shawn an "inside" perspective of the beverage business. Before joining forces with H. Ruban, Shawn spent 4 seasons as the Vending Manager at Wrigley Field.